IoT solution

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IoT-based CT – PT Monitoring System for Sub Stations

Online measurement of Oil Temperature (T) & Pressure (P)

  • Output current (CT) & Voltage (VT)
  • Leakage Current for Tan D & CAP
  • A-D Conversion/Display of Critical data/OFC Compatibility
  • Mechanism for Predictive Maintenance
  • Mechanism to carry out pre-commissioning assessment
  • Temperature Sensor for live parts- Service alarm for overheating
  • Pollution Sensor for insulators - In-service alarm before Flashovers.
Mushroom Cultivation Automation
  • Farm and incubation room monitoring
  • Monitoring the cultivation environment (Temperature, humidity, CO2, etc.)
  • Remote monitoring through mobile and web
  • Controlling the AC and air vents to ensure an appropriate controlled environment.
Smart 3-Phase AC Energy Meter
  • Energy Consumption
    • Compute Individual Line Voltage and current consumption.
    • Track energy usage by minute so that loads can be assessed at all times.
    • Gain insights into energy consumption on every floor
  • Power Quality
    • Accurate reactive and power factor measurement including surge detection.
    • Helps to identify faulty load which may lead to huge penalties.
IoT-based Pre-Paid Energy Meter
  • In-Built Energy Metering.
  • Online Recharge.
  • Mobile-Based Consumption Tracking.
  • Power factor Monitoring.
  • Single-phase and three-phase power supply
  • Cloud Services
Water Reservoir Level, Chlorine Monitoring & Automation
  • Reservoir monitoring and motor pump automation
    • Monitoring the water level and chlorine concentration of water reservoirs.
    • Controlling the motor pump and automating it to avoid and control water wastage.
    • Remote monitoring through mobile and web
    • Alerts the operator/mgmt. for immediate actions in abnormal cases.
Smart Water Metering & Monitoring Solution
  • Customized water monitoring solutions for Gated communities, Apartments,
  • Housing Societies and Commercial Buildings.
  • Real-time monitoring of water consumption for each flat and at block level for apartments, different inlets for individual houses, and commercial spaces.
  • Auto water valve cut-off system by monitoring the water level of tanks and sumps.
  • Customize alarms and notifications & Automatized billing system.
Manhole Sewage Monitoring System
  • Measure the sewage water level of manholes and trigger alarms at critical intervals to ensure preventive maintenance and keep the city clean.
  • Major Components of the Device
    • Sewage water sensing units
    • Manhole temperature sensor (water and air)
    • Detection of the open/closed state of the manhole lid
    • Water-proof slave communication unit at each manhole
    • WAN communication infrastructure setup (One-time setup).
Chiller Monitoring System
  • Customized chiller monitoring solution. The following parameters are monitored and
  • captured in the system and alerts all the users by mobile notifications and SMS for any deviations.
  • Digital lines in the system can be increased or decreased depending on the client's requirement.
    • Temperature
    • High Pressure
    • Low Pressure
    • Compressor O L R
    • Primary Pump O L R
    • Single Phasing
Fuel Monitoring System

Completely customized fuel monitoring solution for vehicles to non-movable fuel tanks. Our solution includes hardware and software as well as installation.

  • Accurate and remote fuel level monitoring
  • Fuel theft details / Fuel draining alerts.
  • Low Fuel Alarm
  • Fuel consumption reports.
  • Fuel efficiency reports for detailed analysis of fuel consumption.
Gas Monitoring System
  • Wireless gas monitoring system for apartments and commercial buildings.
  • Monitoring the gas pressure at various outlets.
  • Remote monitoring through mobile and web.
  • Automating and controlling the valves to avoid leakages.
  • Alerting, notifications to staff on leakages and automatic gas booking
  • with the agencies for future requirements.