Monitoring Platform Solution

Remote Health Vitals and Safety Monitoring Platform

myTrakx remote health monitoring platform that allows Healthcare providers/ Doctors / Nursing Staff/Guardians to remotely monitor Elderly/Patients' health status and vital signs without the need for in-person visits.

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B2B model for Hospitals, Elderly homes, Retirement homes and factories
  • SOS Alert
  • Fall Alert
  • Two-way calling
  • Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Blood Pressure
  • GeoLocation
  • Temperature
  • Oxygen levels (SPO2)
  • Custom IT application
  • Medicine Alerts
  • Unified dashboard connected to multiple devices.
Unique Features of the Platform
  • Unified Dashboard consolidating all data and alerts.
  • Independent of mobile devices for data transmission to cloud servers.
  • GSM SIM-based, No reliance on Bluetooth connectivity for data transmission.
  • Supports connection of multiple devices to a centralized dashboard
  • Remote administration for managing wearable parameters.
  • Low power consumption and minimal data usage
  • Lightweight and compact design for comfortable wear
Use Cases
  • Elderly care monitoring in geriatric facilities, retirement homes, and old age residences
  • Special needs children and elderly care services
  • Vital signs monitoring for patients in hospitals and during post-discharge follow-up care.
  • Worker monitoring in factories and during solitary work
  • Guardian care services designed for the NRI community.